Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial


Price List

In some cases, we may require more than one pricelist based on different groups of customers or products.

GST billing software-Pricelist Creation Window
  1. Add New : Create new Pricelist
    • Code & Name : Fields are mandatory.
      • * Name : Type the name of the price list to be created.
  2. Pricelist Calculation :
    • + - Percentage : Enter the percentage and uncheck 'Is Increment' , to subtract the corresponding percentage from the rate. The calculation is as follows;
      Rate =Rate – (Rate * + - percentage/100)
    • Discount % : Subtract discount % of amount in rate.
      Gross value = Rate * qty Taxable amount = Gross value – (gross value * discount %)
    • Discount Amount : Subtract discount amount in rate.
      Line total calculation when give discount amount is;
      Line total = (Gross value - discount amount) + taxamt
    • Is Increment : Tick 'Is Increment' for adding the corresponding percentage to the rate. Calculation is as follows;
      Rate =Rate + (Rate * + - percentage)/100)
    • Is Fixed Price List : Set the price list as fixed price. Price remains constant irrespective of changes in MRP.

How to apply price list?

Select price list in the transaction window.

  • Price list entry : Utilities Price list entry Select pricelist Select items and set price.
    [Can prices for items as per the pricelist]
  • Fixed Price List entry : Utilities fixed price list entry.
    [show all fixed price list and set price here]
  • Price List Mapping : Utilities Pricelist mapping.
    [Set price list for a particular customer category, System automatically identifies if a pricelist has been assigned to the particular customer].