Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial

Retail Business in Horizon ERP

Success of a Retailing business requires quick billing turn around time and effective inventory management.

Prudent inventory management involves management decisions on what all items need to be purchased at fixed time intervals to maximize the utilization of credit available from the supplier. Large volume of SKU's means same products with multiple MRP's is present on the shelves. Hence error free billing is a critical component.

Process flow of Retail Business Management in Horizon ERP

Retail Process flow

Brief Overview of Retail Business Management in Horizon ERP

  1. Customer Category / Group Creation: Categorizing and grouping of customers on the basis of offtake, Credit worthiness etc. For generating informative reports (Applicable only if reward points systems are being implemented)
    • Enter the Group/Category name and Save.
    • Masters Customer Category
    • Masters Customer Group
    Customer Category and Group Creation
  2. Customer Creation: Create Consumer card holder customers(Applicable only if reward points systems are being implemented)
    • Enter customer name and details
    • "Privilege ID" must for card holder customers
    Consumer Card Customer creation
  3. Supplier Creation: Those who supply goods or services are called supplier/ Sundry creditors.
  4. Supplier Creation
  5. Item Category / Group Creation
  6. Item Category and Group Creation
  7. Fixed Pricelist Creation:Create only if the items price changed daily. Eg: Fruits, Vegetables
    • Create a pricelist name and tick on "Is Fixed Pricelist"
    Fixed pricelist creation
  8. Sodexo Coupon Creation:
    • Masters Ledgers Enter the ledger name as "Sodexo Coupon Value" and the ledger head as "Indirect Expense"
    • Tick on "Show in Transaction Vouchers" and "Show in Sales Vouchers" Save.
    • Sodexo Coupon Value
    • Create another ledger as "Sodexo Surcharge" and ledger head as "Indirect Income"
    • Tick on "Show in Transaction Vouchers" and "Show in Sales Vch"
    • Tick on "Surcharge Ledger" and select parent ledger as "Sodexo Coupon Value" from the list.
    • Input the Surcharge% to be calculated Save
    • It will be displayed in sales voucher
     Sodexo Surcharge
  9. Rewards Master: For set reward points to card holder customers.
    • Select Customer category
    • Enter points per Rs.100
    • Enter points validity and value per points
    • Tick on "Enable Reward Points" in Extras Company configuration
    Rewards Points
  10. Item Creation: Add Product details
    • Must be enter item name, Commodity code, Tax configuration, HSN code and unit
    • If Product having EANCode, Enter the 13 digit EANCode and Tick on "Use EAN for Scanning" (at the bottom left of the item creation window)
    • In case of daily price change items, tick on "Fixed Price list" -
     Item Creation
  11. Purchase order voucher creation: Create a voucher that issued by buyer to a seller
    • Select supplier and click on "Generate Purchase order", displayed an order list
    • Purchase order 1
    • Enter the order qty for the items wants to purchase. If the stocks already exist, enter the order qty as 0 Click ok Save the voucher
    • Purchase order 2
  12. Goods Receipt Note (GRN):
    • Select date, Supplier name, and input invoice no.
    • Enter the item details and save
  13. Purchase Voucher Creation: Generate Purchase based on the GRN that given by the seller.
    • Select Supplier and Click on "Pending GRN"at the top right of the purchase voucher for GRN processing.
    • GRN Processing
    • Select GRN and Click Ok. Items displayed for the selected GRN.
    • GRN Processing 2
  14. Payment Voucher Creation: Generate payment voucher against the purchase
    • Select the supplier and enter the amount
    • Choose payment method. If selected bank, enter the transaction details for the reference.
    Payment Voucher Creation
  15. Barcode Integration:
    • Select Label size
    • Enter expiry date and packing date if needed (For Items that are repacked by the retailer eg Sugar)
    • Select items in two ways,
      1. Invoice wise – Select supplier and invoice no. ,
      2. Item wise – select items one by one.
    • Enter the quantity and save. The barcode will be saved in the database.
    Barcode Integration
  16. POS Billing:
    • Select billing series and date
    • Enter the item name or scan Barcode /EANCode
    • Bill total will be displayed
    • Enter the "Amount Received", and the "Balance Payable" will displayed at the bottom left of the window.
    • If the customer is paying using Sodexo coupons, enter the amount in the Sodexo coupon field at the right side of the POS window.
    • Enter privilege card code, then the customer name and total customer points will be displayed.
    • If the customer wants to redeem points, enter the no. of points in "Points to Redeem" field Print/Save.
  17. POS Billing
  18. Stock Reports
    • Closing stock report
    • Stock flow
    • Item wise profitability
    • Non Billed items
  19. Stock Reports
  20. GST Reports:
    • GSTR 1 - Report can export as csv format for GSTR1 filing.
    • GSTR 2
    • GSTR 3B
    • Data Validation – If any mismatches in report, it will displayed here.
    • Tax % wise reports of all transactions
  21. GST Reports