Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial


GST billing software-Sales Voucher Creation Window

Sales : is activity related to selling or the amount of goods or services sold in a given time period
✔ Can Create two types of entries;

  • Service Invoice : In case of service provided for customers, create services in,
    Masters Item Give series name Select the tax Tick on "Is Service" and enter the
    created service in sales voucher.
  • Sales Invoice : In case of goods provided for customers.
    Both service and sales vouchers entered in, Tranactions Sales.
    • Series : Select series – created in masters series.
    • Customer : To be selected from the list on the right.
    • GSTIN : Customer GST number will appear here automatically when that set it to, masters customer.
    • Price List :
      • Select Pricelist
      • Create pricelist in master
      • Pricelist is automatically reflected, if it has been configured previously.
    • Godown : Select godown, for reduce the stock from the particular stock point. [Godown wise stock reports availabale in reports.]
    • Item field : Enter the items, quantity, rate and other schemes and discounts.
      • Discounts calculated in gross amount (rate*qty)
      • Schemes calculated in line total
      • Scheme % amount is calculated in taxable amount and the amount is reduce in after tax amount (i.e.; line total)
      • Discount after tax : After tax discounts, reflected only in the grand total.
    • Cash/Credit : Set the payment mode to cash or credit.
      • Cash Sale : Goods/Services are sold on cash
      • Credit Sale : Goods/Services sold for credit [The consideration of sale not received at the time of selling and customer agreed to give the money at the later period.]
    • Use Add. Billing info : Tick for add additional customer details, this information shown only in bill print. (e.g.:Shipping address)
    • Cash Disc% : Set cash discount % for all times.It reflects on both line total and grand total
    • Search : For view already entered sale entries and select an invoice from the list for editing.
      • Filter the entries using certain criteria's, i.e.;
        • Customer wise
        • Godown wise
        • Item wise
        • Voucher number wise
    • Send as email : For send the bill PDF to the customer via mail. [Open bill click on "Send as mail" Click on "Print/Email".
    • Pending Delivery Note : Shows if any delivery note entries are those to converted to sales.
    • Pending orders : Shows if any sales order entries are there to converted to sales.
    • Sales summary : Shows recent sales history.
    • Customer summary : Displays the customer ledger in descending order.


GST billing software-Sales Voucher Utilities Window

Dispatch Details

Input delivery related information if needed.

GST billing software-Sales Voucher Dispatch Details Window