Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP - Year Change Process for Mobile App Users

New Financial Year Change Procedure
  • Step 1:- Check whether any pending mobile orders had in previous year. If any order is pending, utilities horizon mobility
    • Scan device
    • Select device name
    • Sync Data
  • Step 2: Create new financial year
    Select database click new financial year
  • GST billing software-Select Company and Year change
  • Step 3: Save new financial year database
  • GST billing software-Save New Financial Year
  • Step 4:- Displayed, Please wait Click Ok.
  • GST billing software-Please Wait
  • Step 5:- Displayed, Database Created/Updating Masters Click Ok.
  • GST billing software-Database Created
  • Step 6:- Displayed, Process Complete Click Ok.
  • GST billing software-yr change Process Complete
  • Step 7:- New financial year company displayed.
  • GST billing software-New Database

Note: Mobile order app using customers must reset your application.

  • Step 1:- Mobile Application

    Utilities Horizon mobility connect mobile using USB cable (exit application from mobile) scan device

  • Step 2:- Select the Device

    Double click on the device name ok

  • Step 3:- Add device details
  • Step 4:- Sync Data

    Click on sync data after Process complete ok

Reports to check:-

  • 1. Check the opening stock (reports stock flow)
  • 2. Check the opening balance of the ledgers (report financial accounting trial balance or report ledger statement)