Horizon ERP Tutorial

Horizon ERP Tutorial


GST billing software-Purchase Voucher Creation Window
  • Purchase the products for the purpose of sale in the ordinary business.
  • It is a kind of expense and hence included in the income statement within the cost of goods sold.
  • Purchases may include buying of raw materials in case of manufacturing unit or finished goods in case of a retail business.
  1. Add new & Search : Add new purchase entry and View and edit already entered vouchers using search option
    • Series : Mandatory field. Already created in Masters series.
    • Entry date and invoice date are mandatory.
      • Entry Date : Date on which the invoice has been received.
      • Invoice date : Input the date as given on the supplier invoice.
    • Godown : Select godown, for the item stock added in to a particular stock point. [Godown created in Masters Godown]
    • Supplier : To be selected from the list on the right.
    • GSTIN : Suppliers GST number will appear here automatically when that set it to,Masters Suppliers.
    • Invoice no. : Input Invoice number as per the invoice number received from suppliers.
    • Item Field : Select items from the list as per the given invoice and also input the other fields.
      • Current MRP as per the supplier invoice is to be inputted enabling the application to create new batches to maintain MRP wise stock.
        Gross Value =Rate * Quantity

        Taxable amount = [(Gross Value) – Disc% / Discamt]
      • Case / outer calculations while selecting the unit;
        • If selected unit is "CASES" input case rate.
        • If selected unit is "OUTER" input outer rate.
        • If selected unit is "Base Unit" (e.g. Pcs, Kg etc )input unit rate.

          E.g. If 1case= 6 outer, 1outer = 12pcs.

          Total number of Pcs = 6x12.

          And the Discount & scheme calculations following this;

          Discount % amount;

          Discount % amount = Gross Value * Disc%

          Discount Total;
          Discount Total = Discount% amount + Discount amount

          Scheme % amount;
          Scheme% amount = Taxable amount * Scheme%

          Scheme total;
          Scheme total = Scheme% amount + Scheme amount

          Line Total = (Taxable Amount + Tax Amount) - Scheme Total

          Tax Amount = Taxable Amount * Tax Config% Selling rate = Landing cost + (Landing cost * sales margin%)
      • How to delete item in transactions?
        • Select item press delete key on the keyboard.
    • Ledger and amount : Shows the accounting breakups of the inputted invoice.
    • Discount after tax : Discounts inputted here will reflect only in the grand total.
  2. Cancel/ Delete : Tick for Cancel or delete and click update to delete or cancel the voucher.
    • Print : To Generate a purchase invoice print.
    • Save : To Save the purchase voucher.
    • Clear : Reset the screen
    • Pending GRN : Shows if any GRN entries are there to converted to purchase.
    • Pending Orders : List of pending orders for which purchase invoice has not converted to purchase. Purchase order are generated in Transactions Purchase order.
    • Purchase Summary : Shows all recent purchase entries.